Tammy Baldwin

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Last updated April 25th, 2024 10:28pm GMT.

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Voters need to know that Tammy Baldwin opposed tax cuts for working families in Wisconsin but voted to give a massive tax break to millionaires in California and New York that would overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy, not the middle-class. (Learn More)


Wisconsinites need to learn how Washington has changed Tammy Baldwin. She promised to stop the revolving door between lobbyists and Congress, then hired lobbyists to her own staff. (Learn More)


Tammy Baldwin says Wisconsinites don’t want a senator who fights for Wall Street, even as Baldwin herself has quietly been in a years long relationship with a Wall Street executive who manages the fortunes of the ultra-wealthy and helps them avoid taxes. (Learn More)


Voters should also know that Tammy Baldwin has been in Washington for more than 25 years but has little to show for it. Specifically, they should know that Baldwin went a whole decade without passing any legislation to help Wisconsin families. (Learn More)

Hit #1: Tammy Baldwin asks "Do we want or be a country in which millionaires dodge taxes or one where working families get a break?”


Hit #1: Tammy Baldwin says the tax code is "rigged" to benefit the rich


Hit #1: Tammy Baldwin says millionaires paying lower taxes is "fundamentally unfair"


Hit #2: tammy Baldwin claims special interests and hedge funds don't like her


Hit #2: Tammy baldwin claims to stand up to special interests


Hit #2: Tammy baldwin: "in wisconsin, people are saying 'whose side are you on?'"


Hit #3: Tammy Baldwin claims to "stand up to Wall street"


Hit #3: Tammy Baldwin says the system is "rigged" for the "most wealthy among us"


Hit #4: Tammy Baldwin was 24 when she became a politician


Hit #4: Tammy Baldwin: "I was first elected to office in 1986"


Eric Hovde

Footage of Eric Hovde

Eric’s great-grandparents emigrated from Norway, moving their family to the plains of South Dakota and a logging town in northern Wisconsin before finally settling in Stoughton. His grandfather started his real estate business during the height of the Great Depression. After serving in the military, Eric’s father took over the business in 1955, and continued to build on the opportunities he’d been given.

Eric was born and raised in Madison, attending East High School and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a classic entrepreneur – he founded and managed his first business in his twenties, and went on to start and build many others. He then expanded to buying troubled community banks and turning them around. Eric has made a career out of rolling up his sleeves, getting businesses back on the right track, and building for the future.

While in his thirties, Eric also started The Hovde Foundation alongside his brother, Steve. They have built ten “Hovde Homes” to date, providing shelter, care, and love to vulnerable children and families right here in Wisconsin and all across the world. The foundation supports a variety of additional local charities, including food banks, literacy initiatives, the Clean Lakes Alliance, and works to end sex trafficking in partnership with Thorn.

Eric and his wife Sharon have also been long-time partners in the fight to cure Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – a chronic autoimmune disease that Eric himself was diagnosed with at age 27. He knows first-hand how a chronic illness can turn your life upside down and affect an entire family, and is proud to support clinical research efforts and outreach programs through the foundation in order to help others going through the same struggle.

Eric and his wife, Sharon reside in Madison. They have two grown daughters and three grandchildren.