Jon Tester

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Last updated April 4th, 2024 10:45pm GMT.

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Voter Registration Deadline October 7, 2024 Close of regular voter registration. (Registration forms postmarked by this date and received within 3 days are accepted.) 
Early In-Person Voting October 7, 2024
Absentee Voting by Mail October 11, 2024 Date by which ballots are mailed to electors on the absentee list.
AB Request Deadline November 4, 2024 Noon deadline for election administrator to receive application for absentee ballot.
AB Deadline Return November 5, 2024 8PM deadline


Jon Tester claims to be a champion of the middle class, but he voted against middle class tax cuts that would save the average Montana family $1,400 dollars per year while voting to give massive tax breaks to millionaires in California and New York. (Learn More)


After nearly 20 years in Washington D.C., Jon Tester has become just another big spender. He’s voted to raise the debt ceiling 14 times and backed Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion dollar spending plan that led to the record high inflation that crushed Montana families. (Learn More)


Jon Tester was the number one recipient of campaign contributions from lobbyists and has raked in millions in cash from special interests – more than any other member of the United States Senate. (Learn More)

Hit #1: Jon Tester in 2006: "We need a tax system that works for the middle class."


Hit #1: Jon tester wants "equity" in taxes.


Hit #2: Jon tester promises to be "fiscally responsible."


Hit #2: Jon Tester claims increasing the national debt is "running this country into bankruptcy."


Hit #3: Jon Tester still hasn't "shut the revolving door."


Hit #3: Jon Tester in 2006: "politicians oftentimes say one thing and do another."


Hit #3: Jon tester in 2006: "i'm not in anybody's pocket."


Hit #3: jon tester in 2006: "not once have i changed a vote for money."


hit #3: jon tester claims montana needs a representative "not encumbered by high dollar lobbyists."


Gone Washington

Biden Democrat

Big Money Hypocrite

Tim Sheehy

Footage of Tim Sheehy

Tim Sheehy is a father, husband, combat veteran, a patriot, and an entrepreneur. He completed several deployments and hundreds of missions as a Navy SEAL Officer and Team Leader, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, and the Pacific region. Sheehy was involved in dozens of engagements with enemy forces, earning him multiple combat decorations, including the Bronze Star with Valor for Heroism in Combat and the Purple Heart Medal.

A graduate of the Naval Academy class of 2008, he was the first Midshipman to participate in the U.S. Army Special Operations exchange program and the first to graduate from the elite U.S. Army Ranger School. Immediately after graduation, Sheehy was commissioned into the U.S. Navy and completed SEAL training.

Sheehy met his wife, Carmen, who served as a US Marine Corps Officer, at the US Naval Academy. After being wounded in combat, Tim and Carmen left the military and chose to make Montana home to raise their family. They teach their four children to ranch on their 20,000-acre cattle ranch, where they raise, feed, and process cattle to help develop America’s food supply chain.

In late 2014, Sheehy founded Bridger Aerospace in his barn with all his savings and an all-veteran team. He led the growth of Bridger Aerospace and its sister company, Ascent Vision Technologies, and eventually took Bridger Aerospace public on the NASDAQ in 2023. Today, Bridger Aerospace is a major Montana employer having created over 200 Montana jobs and is one of only a few publicly traded companies in Montana. In addition to his responsibilities as CEO, Sheehy is an active firefighting pilot and has completed hundreds of firefighting missions across the American west, protecting our communities from devastation as a pilot of the CL415EAF Water Bomber.

Sheehy has created hundreds of Montana jobs and over one billion in enterprise value in the rural Montana economy. He has a proven understanding of job creation, enterprise growth, and the importance of a business-friendly environment. His companies have drawn heavily on Montana’s veteran community and our land grant universities to grow high paying jobs in our state.

Tim and his wife, Carmen, also believe strongly in giving back to the community that helped them succeed by supporting many Montana charities. The most important projects that they support include improving rural healthcare by providing the funding to bring specialty trauma and pediatric health care services to our area for the first time and building a library and playground for underserved communities. In total, the Sheehy’s have donated over six million to charities across the state.

Tim is a problem solver by nature. When he sees a problem, he works tirelessly to find a common-sense solution and will break down walls and move mountains to make it happen. From war to business, Tim has shown time and again he gets it done. Tim is again being called to serve his nation in the U.S. Senate and is running in the 2024 U.S. Senate race against career politician Jon Tester, who is seeking a fourth term as Senator.

Tim is a strong conservative who believes America’s best days are ahead. He trusts in the enormous capacity of America’s innovation engine to produce, strengthen, and create value. Tim will serve his country with honor, dedication and humility, and he will help lead us to a bright and prosperous American future. His promise is to fight for every hardworking Montanan and their family, because we all need to work together to build a future where we restore American greatness with a strong economy, low-inflation, and high-paying jobs for all Montanans.