Bob Casey

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Last updated May 9th, 2024 11:54pm GMT.

Important Dates

Voter Registration Deadline October 21, 2024
Early In-Person Voting September 16, 2024
Absentee Voting by Mail September 16, 2024
AB Request Deadline October 29, 2024
AB Deadline Return 8PM, November 5, 2024



Voters in the Keystone State should be reminded that Bob Casey is a rubber stamp for Joe Biden and has voted with him 98 percent of the time. (Learn More)


Pennsylvanians know we are facing a crisis at the southern border and drugs like fentanyl are pouring into our communities. They need to know that Bob Casey has regularly voted against tougher border security measures, has supported sanctuary cities, and even voted to allow illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer-funded federal benefits. (Learn More)


Pennsylvania voters need to know that Bob Casey has supported policies that would cost us jobs and drive-up energy prices even more. He championed a radical cap-and-trade policy that would have cost Pennsylvania tens of billions of dollars and nearly half a million jobs. (Learn More)

Hit #1: Bob Casey Says Politicians Who Vote With The President 98% Are "Really Not Necessary"


Hit #1: Joe Biden Says Bob Casey "Can't Deny Me"


Hit #1: Bob Casey Embraces Joe Biden


Hit #2: Bob Casey Says Career Politicians "Have A Lot Of Explaining To Do" On The Border


Hit #2: Bob Casey Admits There Is A Border Crisis On Biden's Watch


Hit #2: Bob Casey Says Senators "Damn Well Better" Vote For Border Security If They Talk Tough


Hit #3: Bob Casey Says Radical Anti-Energy Plan Is "A Good Bill"


Hit #3: Bob Casey Admits "There Are Costs" To Radical Anti-Energy Plan


Dave McCormick

Footage of Dave McCormick

Dave McCormick has a battle plan for America’s renewal — and he’s ready to bring it and his leadership to the United States Senate on behalf of Pennsylvania.

Dave is a 7th generation Pennsylvanian. He’s a West Point graduate, combat veteran and Bronze star recipient. He’s a Pennsylvania job creator and a business leader. He’s a national security expert and a strong and experienced voice for how to overcome the threat from China. And, most important, he is a devoted husband and father of six bright young women for whom he wants to preserve the American dream.

A trusted, thoughtful leader, Dave will fight for all Pennsylvanians.

Dave was born in Washington, Pennsylvania, and raised in Bloomsburg. The son of two lifelong teachers and prominent educators and the oldest of two boys, Dave was raised to understand the value of hard work. Growing up, Dave played football and wrestled, trimmed Christmas trees, delivered newspapers, and bused tables at the Magee Hotel.

Dave was nominated to the United States Military Academy by a Pennsylvania Senator, and became the first kid from Bloomsburg to attend West Point in decades. After graduating, Dave went on to serve in the 82nd Airborne Division as a paratrooper. He was deployed to the Middle East during the First Gulf War and received the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq before retiring as a Captain.

After the Army, Dave earned his Ph.D. in international relations from Princeton University before moving to Pittsburgh to start a career in business. He worked his way up to become the CEO of FreeMarkets, a successful tech startup that employed hundreds in Western Pennsylvania.

In 2005, Dave was called to service again, this time in the highest levels of government, including as Under Secretary of Treasury and as Deputy National Security Advisor. For four years, Dave spearheaded the fight to protect American technology from Chinese theft, advised the President on key national security issues, and helped negotiate the global response to the 2008 financial crisis.

Following the administration, Dave joined Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest, most successful investment firms in the world. He served as CEO until he resigned to run for Senate in Pennsylvania in 2022.

Dave and Dina are proud to support organizations that work with veterans and their families.

Dave is committed to using his unique leadership experiences over the last four decades to deliver results for the Keystone State. He isn’t afraid to stand up to both parties to do what’s right, and he’ll do whatever it takes to fix our broken economy and restore the American Dream for all Pennsylvanians and future generations.